What is LoveVibes?

A seed from which powrful actions emerge for the human well-being, self-knowledge and the raising of individual and collective vibration. We share a conscious and loving lifestyle.
Our motto is: Connecting in the cloud, encountering on earth.

What inspires us?

We are inspired by successful ideas, linked organically with an energetic direction. Some of them are Burning Man, Envision Festival, Wanderlust, Amazon, Craiglist, Groupon, cryptocurrencies, traditional human communities, many spiritual trends, among other things and technologies.

How does it develop?

As a network model, a community of autonomous beings interconnected to share, co-create, support and evolve together.

LoveVibes is not a corporate structure, nor does it exercise control mechanisms over the members’ activities, but rather it develops guidelines, formats, joint work protocols and rules of coexistence.

What does the name mean? What does the logo represent?

Everything vibrates and love is our source. The isotype is the simplification of the heart symbol, as when both hands are joined. It’s fusioned with the V of Vibes and has triangles that point up and down indicating the integration. As above, so below.

11 projects or lines of work.

Connections in the Cloud:

  • Phase 1
    • Guide: directory of facilitators, therapists, activities, events and holistic services.
    • Magazine: creation of original contents.
  • Phase 2
    • Marketplace: organic and conscious products store.
    • Social network: connect and share forming evolutive workgroups.
  • Phase 3
    • Own currency: for energy exchanges between the network.

Encounters on Earth:

  • Phase 1
    • Gatherings: open communal activities for several days. We all share.
    • Retreats: closed activities to get out of our usual contexts and going into introspection.
    • Workshops: activities of a few hours duration and specific approaches.
  • Phase 2
    • Adventures: trips that integrate going inwards with going outwards.
    • Festivals: celebration of life, dancing and sharing.
  • Phase 3
    • Communes: permanent community workspaces or with programs of limited duration. Evolution in community.

11 principles

  1. Integration: All forms of expression can be part of LoveVibes, respecting the others principles and guidelines.
  2. Inclusion: Everyone can be part of LoveVibes, without requirements.
  3. Ecology: Being aware of our environment, the human and non-human beings that surround us and the impact that our actions produce.
  4. Share: We share ourselves and what we have.
  5. Self-sufficiency: We encourage each other to discover, improve and trust in our internal resources.
  6. Community effort: We value creative cooperation and collaboration. We use the power of the union.
  7. Self-expression: We encourage each one to offer their gifts and creativity while respecting the will of the receiver.
  8. Social responsibility: We respect local regulations, social and cultural contracts. Although we can question them.
  9. Participation: Transformations happens through action. Everyone is invited to do.
  10. Excellence: Giving the best of ourselves as a present to the “other me”.
  11. Lovingness: We relate from love and understanding about the place of the other. Respecting your space and your individual decisions.

22 phrases

  1. Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.
  2. I am God, nothing special.
  3. Life does not happen to me, I am life dancing. There is no destination to reach.
  4. Non-Duality or Tao, is the void that contains and creates everything . It is inherent to everything and nothing at the same time.
  5. Duality is the appearance that there is a Self, and therefore a Non-Self, or an “other”.
  6. The “other” is a mirror to be observed. You are another me. We can not change the mirror, but we can change our sight.
  7. We can only do from the illusion of duality.
  8. Everything is perfect. Once done, it could not be otherwise.
  9. Everything can be improved. Improvement is a continuum.
  10. Perfection is the enemy of the good.
  11. Don’t try, do it.
  12. Leave it the same or better than how you found it.
  13. The conditioning programs are uninstalled by feeling.
  14. Follow your enthusiasm. If what you do doesn’t excite you, stop and feel.
  15. Evasion and rejection belong to the old consciousness, we spend a lot of energy doing this. The way of the new consciousness is the way of Integration. If something bothers me, it’s time to integrate it.
  16. Integration is an intense emotional process, it feels like dying. Breathe and let it happen. (see point 1).
  17. Love is the force that unites and shapes the universe. The reason why we do not always perceive it is because it is always here.
  18. Even seemingly horrendous things are nothing more than twisted shapes where love hides, even if you can not see it. Adjust your vision, trust.
  19. There are no people or toxic things, but there are toxic relationships.
  20. Loveful relationships are built and nurtured. Idealization is an obstacle that does not allow to see the genuine.
  21. Nothing is what it seems, the universe is paradoxical and incomprehensible.
  22. Do not listen to me, listen to your heart.

Wanna vibe with us?